This is a fictional story in which you have been told about a dog how a dog does not catch in its early stages. You may have read many stories but this story is a bit interesting. You will get to describe what you will read by thinking that this story was somewhat different, some were becoming visible in it and when you see you, you will also get the guess How it changes itself and how to go after it is caught one thing and remember that the catching job was a hunter, for which separate actors have been used by the first part. It has been told about it in the First Part and it has been said about how it comes to it, along with it has also been described as to how and which type Doors to try to turn this story and how is the understandable biggest thing this story is interesting here that G Watson.

This story begins in such a way that the conclusions of all the people have been told how the story has become pervasive in which the local place is also described as Sher Ali Hospital and all the findings of Khan What was the idea of ​​Watson and what Watson thought of him was also well informed of what is the idea of ​​Whatsapp, what kind of explanations do we explain that meeting someone Someone, we, the aspiring person, left the work in London and goes to the country. It has been described in this way that how we want it and the arrival of the doctor has been described as to how Doctor Bakery come in his office. He comes and he is very happy like this.


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