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Download Free PDF Book “Electromagnetic Field Theory” By A.V.Bakshi, U.A.Bakshi. electromagnetic field, a property of space caused by the motion of an electric charge. A stationary charge will produce only an electric field in the surrounding space. If the charge is moving, a magnetic field is also produced. An electric field can be produced also by a changing magnetic field.

Electromagnetic Field Theory Book contents

  1. Chapter-1 Vector Analysis
  2. Chapter-2 Electric Filed Intensity
  3. Chapter-3 Electric Flux Density and Gauss’s Law
  4. Chapter-4 Energy and Potential
  5. Chapter-5 Conductors, Dielectrics and Capacitance
  6. Chapter-6 Poisson’s and Laplace’s Equation
  7. Chapter-7 Magnetostatics
  8. Chapter-8 Magnetic Forces, Materials and Inductance
  9. Chapter-9 Time Varying Fields and Maxwell’s Equations
  10. Chapter-10 Uniform Plane Waves
  11. Chapter-11 Transmission Lines

Electromagnetic Field Theory Book Details

Book Name Electromagnetic Field Theory
Author A.V.Bakshi, U.A.Bakshi
Category Electrical And Electronics Engineering Books, Electrical Engineering Books, Electronics & Communication Engineering
Book Language English
Publisher Technical Publications Pune
Pages 727
Country India
Book Size 21 MB

Electromagnetic Field Theory Book PDF Download


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