Class 10 English The Thief’s Story Summary

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Chapter Overview

Anil was 25 years old writer. He was living his life very carelessly. In the story, a 15 year old thief named Hari Singh, undergoes a changes when he meets Anil. The story highlights how kindness, compassion and trust can change even criminals. Anil’s kind gestures leaves a very positive impact on Hari Singh’s life. As a result, Hari could not rob Anil as he had planned. He realised the importance of education and became a better man under Anil’s company.

Characters involved in this story are Hari Singh and Anil. Hari Singh (The Narrator), is a 15 year old, experienced thief. He is keen on learning how to read and write. Anil is a 25 year old, tall and lean man who earns his living by writing. He is a kind, simple and an easy-going person.

Class 10 English The Thief’s Story Summary with Word Meanings

Anil was 25 years old writer. He was living his life very carelessly. Hari Singh met Anil, when he was a 15 years old thief. He approached Anil while he was watching a wrestling match. Anil was a tall, thin, easy going and simple type of man. The narrator thought that Anil could be an easy target for him to rob. He used some flattering words to gain Anil’s confidence. He lied to Anil that his name was Hari Singh. The narrator changed his name every month to hide himself from police and his former employers.

Hari followed Anil and told him that he wanted to work for him. Anil told Hari that he would employ him only if Hari knew how to cook. Hari lied that he knew how to cook and started working for Anil. The food cooked by Hari was terrible. Anil had realised that Hari didn’t know how to cook. Anil promised him that he would teach him how to write, add numbers and how to cook tasty food. Now both of them were living together happily.

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Anil’s Work Anil had no regular income. He made money by writing articles for magazines. Sometimes he would have enough money to celebrate and sometimes he had to borrow money. One evening, Anil came back with a bundle of notes which he had earned by selling his book to a publisher. At night, Anil put the money under his mattress and Hari noticed it. Hari had been working for Anil for almost a month and had gained Anil’s trust. Anil had given the key of the room to Hari.

For Hari, this was a great opportunity to rob Anil. However, due to Anil’s trust, it was a difficult task for Hari to rob Anil. But he put away these thoughts and decided to rob Anil that night. Hari Robbed Anil At night, He crawled up to the bed when Anil was asleep. He slid his hand under the mattress and drew the money out quietly. He rushed out of the room and began to run on the road.

He was running towards the railway station to catch 10.30 Express to Lucknow as he had planned. When he counted the money, he was happy to find 600 rupees. Hari reached the station just when the train was moving out. He could have jumped to get into one of the carriages but he did not catch the train and stood alone on the platform. Hari decided to leave the station and thought about how would Anil feel when he would come to know about the theft. Soon, he reached the maidan.

In the excitement of theft, Hari forgot that apart from giving him some money, Anil also educated him. He realised that education would have made him a big, clever and respected man. He understood that it was easy to steal but it was difficult to be respected like Anil. Finally, Hari decided to go back to Anil. He went back into the room and put back the notes under the mattress and went to sleep.

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Hari woke up late in the morning. He found that Anil had already prepared tea. Anil gave a fifty rupee note to Hari which was still wet. He told Hari that he had earned some money by selling a book to a publisher and now he will pay him regularly. He also told Hari that they would start writing sentences from that day. Hari felt that Anil knew about the theft but he didn’t say anything about it.

Word Meanings of The Thief’s Story

flatteryinsincere praise
put me offdistracted me
gruntingmaking a low sound
be offgo away
hung arounddid not leave
by fits and startsirregular
chequepayment of work
queernot expected
creptmoved slowly
unlinedshowing no sign of worry
desertedempty of people
heart sankfelt disappointed
spirits rosemood became happy

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