Sectors of Indian Economy Class 10 Assertion and Reason Type Questions

Sectors of Indian Economy Class 10 Assertion and Reason Type Questions  has been prepared by NCERT HUB. Please solve Assertion and Reason questions for Class 10 Economics Chapter 2 Sectors of Indian Economy for better understanding. Assertion Reason question for class 10 Civics Chapter 1 is prepared on latest exam pattern. 

Students can solve Assertion and Reason Questions for Class 10 Social Science to boost their preparation . Assertion and reasoning type questions for class 10 Economics chapter 2 Sectors of Indian Economy is provided to help students tackle the question asked in board exam.

Sectors of Indian Economy Class 10 Assertion and Reason Type Questions

Sectors of Indian Economy Class 10 Assertion and Reason Type Questions

Following questions consist of two statements  – Assertion (A) and Reason (R) . Answer these questions selecting the appropriate option given below :

(i) Both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A.
(ii) Both A and R are true and R is not the correct explanation of A.
(iii) A is true but R is false.
(iv) A is false but R is true.

1. (A) There are several goods and services that the society needs, however the private sector does not produce all of them.

    (R) Private sector is a profit driven sector.Answer

2. (A) Agriculture is the most labour abundant sector in India.

    (R) The secondary and tertiary sector have still failed to provide more employment oppourtunities.Answer

3. (A) Not every goods and services that is produced and sold needs to be counted to know the total production.

    (R) The value of final goods already includes the value of all the intermediate goods.Answer

4. (A) In India, the primary sector is the largest employer.

    (R) The demand for services has been increased enormously.Answer

5. (A) When calculating the total value of goods and services, the value of all goods and services at each stage of production should be calculated.

    (R) The final goods and services already includes the value of goods and services at each stage of production.Answer

6. (A) Shyam works 5 days a week , receive his income on the last day of each month and gets medical facilities from his owner.

    (R) Shyam is working in an Organised sector.Answer

7. (A) Rohit is a shopkeeper who pays taxes on time. he has hired two workers and he pays a good amount to them. However, none of the workers get any paid leaves in the year.

    (R) His workers are employed in Unorganised sectorAnswer

8. (A) A person who manufactures jaggery from sugarcane is engaged in primary sector.

    (R) When some process of manufacturing takes place , it is a part of secondary sector.Answer

9. (A) GDP shows how big the economy is .

    (R) GDP of a country is the value of all the goods and services produced in primary sector during a particular year.Answer

10. (A) Reliance industries is a privately owned company.

      (R) Government is a major stakeholder in Reliance industries.Answer

11. (A) Rohan is an educated and skilled worker who earns a very good monthly salary. Therefore, he works in an organised sector.

      (R) All services sector in India is growing extremely well and each individual is engaged in any kind of tertiary activity earns a high income.Answer

12. (A) The development of agriculture and industry leads to the development of service sector .

      (R) As the primary and secondary sector develops the demand for transport, communication, banking, hospital etc. increases.Answer

13. (A) Tertiary sector is also known as the service sector.

      (R) Tertiary sector generate services instead of goods .Answer

14. (A) In India over the 40 years between 1973-74 and 2013-14 , while production in all the three sector has increased , it has increased the most in the tertiary sector.

      (R) Tertiary sector is the only organised sector in the Indian economy, So the government spend lots of money for the development of tertiary sector.Answer

15. (A) The tertiary sector has emerged as the largest producing sector in India replacing the primary sector.

      (R) Tertiary sector includes teacher, barber, doctor , lawyer etc.Answer

16. (A) Workers in the agricultural sector are employed.

      (R) More than half of the country are working in the primary sector.Answer

17. (A) MGNREGA guaranteed 100 days of employment in a year by the government in about 525 district of India.

      (R) If the government fails to provide employment , it will give unemployment allowances.Answer

18. (A) Since 1890, it is common to see a large number of workers loosing their jobs in organised sector.

      (R) These workers are forced to take up job in unorganised sector with low income.Answer

19. (A) Greater the development of primary and secondary sector , more would be the demand for tertiary sector.

      (R) The services such as hospitals, transport, banks etc. are the basic services.Answer

20. (A) The government of India buys wheat and rice from farmers at a fair price.

      (R) Public sector contributes to the economic development.Answer

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