Agriculture Class 10 MCQs | Agriculture Class 10 MCQ PDF

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Agriculture Class 10 MCQs | Agriculture Class 10 MCQ Pdf

Class 10 Social Science Geography Chapter 4 Agriculture MCQ with Answers

1. Which of the following is an age old economic activity in india ?

(a) Mining 

(b) Agriculture

(c) Manufacturing

(d) All of theseAnswer

2. Which type of farming is practiced in few pockets in india ? 

(a) Commercial farming 

(b) Intensive subsistence farming 

(c) Primitive  subsistence farming 

(d) PlantationAnswer

3. Which of the following is true about primitive subsistance farming ? 

(a) Practised on small patches of land with the help of primitive tools 

(b) The primitive tools are like hoe , digging sticks , tractors and community labour 

(c) This type of farming depends upon monsoon , natural fertility of soil fertilizers and pesticides 

(d) Widely practiced in all parts of the countryAnswer

4.Which of the following is not correct about plantation farming? 

(a) Plantations cover large tracts of land called estates 

(b) Farmers clear a patch of land by felling trees and burning them, to produce cereals and other food crops 

(c) In this type of farming, a single crop is grown on a large area

(d) The plantation has an interface of agriculture and industryAnswer

5. Which one of the following is not a food crop 

(a) Maize 

(b) Cotton 

(c) wheat 

(d)  RiceAnswer

6. Slash and Burn agriculture is known as Milpa in which country ? 

(a) Indonesia 

(b) Brazil 

(c) Vietnam 

(d) MexicoAnswer

7. In which of the following states of India rice is considered a commercial crop? 

(a) West Bengal 

(b) Odisha 

(c) Haryana 

(d) BiharAnswer

8. Watermelon grows in : 

(a) Rabi season 

(b) Zaid season 

(c) Kharif season 

(d) All of the aboveAnswer

9. Rabi crops are sown in : 

(a) September to November 

(b) October to December 

(c) October to January 

(d) September to DecemberAnswer

10. which temperature is required to grow rice :  

(a) Above 20 degree celsius 

(b) Above 30 degree celsius 

(c) Above 25 degree celsius 

(d) Above 35 degree celsiusAnswer

11. Bajra grows wells  on : 

(a) Alluvial and black soil 

(b) Sandy and black soil 

(c) Red and yellow soil 

(d) Alluvial and arid soilAnswer

12. Maize is a :  

(a) kharif crop 

(b) Rabi crop 

(c) Jayad crop 

(d) All of the aboveAnswer

13. Which country is the largest producer of pulses in the world ? 

(a) China 

(b) India 

(c) Brazil 

(d) JapanAnswer 

14. Sugarcane  grows well in : 

(a) Cool climate 

(b) Hot and humid climate

(c) Dry climate 

(d) HumidityAnswer

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15. Name the third most important food crop with respect to area and production : 

(a) Rice 

(b) paddy 

(c) Jowar 

(d) PulsesAnswer

16. What is Primitive Subsistence Farming known as in north-eastern states like Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram and Nagaland ? 

(a) Horticulture 

(b) Milpa 

(c) Penda 

(d) JhummingAnswer

17. Castor seed is a :

(a) Rabi crop 

(b) Kharif crop 

(c) Zaid crop 

(d) Both (a) and (b)Answer

18. Tea Plant grows well in : 

(a) Hot and humid climate 

(b) Tropical and subtropical climate 

(c) Dry climate 

(d) Cool climateAnswer

19. Sugarcane requires rainfall between :  

(a) 30-50 cm 

(b) 75-100 cm 

(c) 80-120 cm 

(d) 60-90 cmAnswer

20. Which of the following pulses do not help in restoring soil fertility ? 

(a) Moong 

(b) Gram 

(c) Arhar 

(d) PeasAnswer

21. What percentage of our cropped area is covered by oil seeds ? 

(a) 12% 

(b) 21% 

(c) 18% 

(d) 33%Answer

22.  Baba budan Hills is related to which crop : 

(a) Tea 

(b) Sugarcane 

(c) Coffee 

(d) GroundnutAnswer

23. Which state is a major producer of jute ? 

(a) West Bengal 

(b) Madhya pradesh 

(c) Goa 

(d) MaharashtraAnswer

24. Sugarcane is used to make : 

(a) Khandsari 

(b) Soyabean 

(c) Aus, Aman and Boro 

(d) None of theseAnswer

25. ______   is a kharif crop in north and Rabi crop in South India : 

(a) Rice 

(b) Sesamum 

(c) Linseed 

(d) CoconutAnswer

26. ______ is known as Golden fibre : 

(a) Cotton 

(b) Silk 

(c) Hemp 

(d) JuteAnswer

27. India is believed to be the original home of  ______ plant : 

(a) Rice 

(b) Cotton 

(c) Wheat 

(d) MaizeAnswer

28. In India Agriculture provides livelihood to : 

(a) more than 50% people 

(b) more than 90% people 

(c) more than 60% people 

(d) more than one third peopleAnswer

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29. What is the full form of KCC ? 

(a) Kisan credit card 

(b) Kashmir credit card 

(c) Kishan ke khatir 

(d) Kisan credit completeAnswer

30. Champaran Movement was started in : 

(a) Gujarat 

(b) Bihar 

(c) Kolkata 

(d) ChennaiAnswer

31. How yield can be increased ? 

(a) Using Tractors 

(b) Using HYV seeds 

(c) Using cheap labour 

(d) Both (b) & (c)Answer

32. ______ is the major source of protein in a vegetarian diet. 

(a) Millets 

(b) Pulses 

(c) Groundnut 

(d) RiceAnswer

33. Which of the following are known as ‘ horiculture crops ‘ ? 

(a) Rubber and Tobacco 

(b) Tea and Coffee 

(c) Fruits and Vegetables 

(d) Cotton and JuteAnswer

34. Which of the following crops is used both as a food and as a fodder ? 

(a) Maize 

(b) Jowar 

(c) Wheat 

(d) TeaAnswer

35. In 2016, India was the ______ largest producer of fruits and vegetables in the world. 

(a) First 

(b) Second 

(c) Third 

(d) FourthAnswer

36. Where is rubber mainly grown ? 

(a) Odisha 

(b) Maharashtra 

(c) Andaman and Nicobar 

(d) Andhra PradeshAnswer

37. Rearing of silk worms for the production of silk fibre is known as : 

(a) Sericulture 

(b) Pisciculture 

(c) Horiculture

(d) AquacultureAnswer

38. Wheat requires annual rainfall between : 

(a) 100-200 cm 

(b) 60-100 cm 

(c) 50-75 cm 

(d) Above 120 cmAnswer

39. Important non-food crops of our country are : 

(a) Tea and coffee 

(b) Millets and pulses 

(c) Cotton and jute 

(d) None of the aboveAnswer

40. Which of the following countries is the largest producer of oilseeds ? 

(a) China 

(b) India 

(c) Brazil 

(d) YemenAnswer

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