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Kajaria Floor Tiles Price List PDF download – Kajaria Ceramics (KCL) is the largest manufacturer of ceramic/vitrified tiles in India and the 9th largest in the world.

It has an annual capacity of 68.37 million square meters (MSM) presently distributed across eight plants – one in Sikandrabad (Uttar Pradesh) one in Jaipur (Rajasthan) One in Malutana (Rajasthan) four in Morbi (Gujarat) and one in Vijaywada (Andhra Pradesh).

Title Description
Can Be Used in Kitchen and Bathroom
Name of Tiles Kajaria
Categories  Ceramic Floor and Wall Tiles
Size of Tiles 2*2 and 30*30

Kajaria Ceramics Limited (KCL) was incorporated on 20 December 1985. The Company came out with a public issue in Sep.’88 to set up a factory at Sikandrabad Uttar Pradesh

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Designer Wall Tiles India for Bathroom & Kitchen

Our mesmerizing range of designer bathroom & kitchen floor and wall tiles have a luxurious appeal and seem to have been struck with afflatus.

The premier collection is a showstopper and has the ability to make any dimension look grand. Every single piece of tile from our range of designer bathroom & kitchen floor and wall tiles has a compelling aura.

The matt finish tiles for kitchen from our collection fit perfectly with modern day designs while our rustic kitchen wall tiles blend easily with every surrounding.

Kajaria brings to you premium wall tiles that are detailed with perfection. Each tile is made using state of the art technology making them strong, durable & easy to maintain.

Kajaria’s range of luxurious floor tiles integrates technological expertise with exquisite designs. Each tile is crafted using ultra-modern technology to ensure high quality.

The Ultima

The Ultima, an extra-large Vitrified Slabs by Kajaria, is bigger than your dreams. While their large size exuberates the grandeur of real marble, their stunning looks charm connoisseurs across the globe.

Gres Tough

The Gres Tough Slabs Collection reproduces the extraordinarily elegant details and natural irregularities of Italian Marble, rich in veining, streaks, marbling and knots.

Vitronite – 80×240 cms

New Age Modern Counter Tops: The incredible range of slabs are designed for modern application and to create a chic and urban aura for a space.


E-Shield (Germ Free, Anti Skid, Full-Body) vitrified tiles is a first-of-its-kind innovative product made from special glaze with anti-microbial treatment that inhibits growth of germs like bacteria and fungus.

Stone Kraft

A Premium Elevation Tiles in 30×60 cm size with High Depth Punch with Floor Body. Surface depths are created in an exquisite manner so as to improve design looks and perceptive minds can clearly see a work of art in its sublime glory.

Step Stone

Ready to Install Vitrified Steps: Stairs and staircases are not defined by their functionality alone. These practical units are also interesting from a design perspective.

Price List Catalogue [Updated]

Gloss Kajaria Eternity Vitrified Tiles, Thickness: 12 mm, Size: 4×4 inch ₹ 135/ Square Feet
Kajaria Ceramic Vitrified Floor Tile, Thickness: 10 mm ₹ 55/ Square Feet
Ceramic Double Charged Kajaria Vitrified Floor Tile, Thickness: 10 mm, Size: 600×1200 mm ₹ 70/ Square Feet
Vitrified K6207 Double Charge Kajaria Tile, Thickness: 2 Mm, Size: 60 X 60 Cm ₹ 62/ Square Feet
Kajaria Vitrified Tiles Lowest Price, Usage Area: Flooring, Thickness: 10 mm ₹ 60/ Unit
Ceramic KAJARIA TILES, Thickness: 10 – 12 mm ₹ 35/ Piece
Gloss K-6217 Kajaria Double Charge Tile, Thickness: 10 – 12 mm, for Flooring ₹ 860/ Box
Ceramic Kajaria Vitrified Tiles ₹ 745/ Box
Kajaria 450x300mm Bathroom Tiles ₹ 44/ Square Feet
Kajaria Wall Tiles, Thickness: 5-10 mm, Size: 60 * 60 (cm) ₹55/ Square Feet

if you wanna get Bathroom Kitchen Living Room Bedroom Outdoor commercial space tiles free catalogue we have also included all the Glossy Matt Rustic Metallic Satin Matt Decor Matt, Punch Decor Polished Decor Sparkle, Punch Decor, Sparkle Hard Matt Matt, Punch Reactive Satin Spanish Design Sparkle Sparkle Punch Stone Sugar Sugar Hone Polished, Satin Decor Punch Marbletech Stone, Punch Carving Carving, Silky Satin Decor, spom, Matt Matt Punch Decor, Polished Gloss-Matt Glossy Granula HD High Gloss HD Polished Marbletech, Punch Polished, Matt Premium Polished Super Matt Super Polished Wood Marbletech Crackling Marbletech, Polished Matt, Polished Matt, Premium Polished Polished Polished, Marbletech Premium Matt Punch Super White Kajaria Tiles Finishings catalogue.

Sizes and Categories of Kajaria Tiles

There are three categories that are available for Kajaria Tiles, which are:

  1. Ceramic Wall or Floor Tiles
  2. Glazed Vitrified Tiles
  3. Polished Vitrified Tiles

Now, let us have a look at the sizes that Kajaria Tiles are available in:

  1. 20×120 cm
  2. 100×100 cm
  3. 80×80 cm
  4. 40×80 cm
  5. 13×80 cm
  6. 29×180 cm
  7. 120×120 cm
  8. 80x160cm
  9. 80×120 cm
  10. 100×200 cm
  11. 120×180 cm
  12. 60×60 cm
  13. 30×60 cm
  14. 15×60 cm
  15. 40x40cm
  16. 30×30 cm

You can Install these tiles in these locations:

  • Kitchen
  • Bedroom
  • Living Room
  • Bathroom
  • Commercial Space
  • Outdoor

All these tiles are available in plenty of finishes, such as Glossy, Matt, Rustic, Metallic, etc.

Download Complete Kajaria Tiles Price List PDF Download

Download Floor Tiles PDF

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Download Wall Tiles PDF 

Kajaria Tiles Price List Latest PDF Download

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