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Ravi Kumar Sihag was born on July 13, 1995, Age: 26 Years in Rajasthan, his journey to becoming an IAS is inspirational to many youths because he grew up in Sriganganagar, a small district in the state of Rajasthan, India, and being a farming family, he was very poor.

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UPSC exam has been kept in the category of toughest examinations in India, for which lakhs of students fill out the form every year, but only a few candidates are able to crack the exam, in which Ravi Kumar sihag’s name is also there. Although Ravi Kumar Sihag cleared the Union Public Service Examination on his very first attempt he could not get the post he wanted because his dream was to become an IAS officer.

Ravi’s rank was 337 in his first attempt in 2018 and he got service allocation IRTS. But in 2019, Ravi decided to take the re-examination in which he got the All India Rank 317, this year he was the second rank holder among Hindi medium students.

In 2020, Ravi gave his third attempt in which he could not even clear his prelims exam.

But Ravi did not give up and in 2021 he gave his fourth attempt in the UPSC exam in which he got the All India Rank 18th and became an IAS officer.

Thus Ravi Kumar Sihag took lessons from his last 3 attempts and got selected as an IAS officer by clearing the UPSC exam on his 4th attempt.

Short Bio/Wiki

Name Ravi Kumar Sihag
Father Name Ram Kumar Sihag
1st Attempt 2018 (AIR-337)
2nd Attempt 2019 (AIR-317)
3rd Attempt 2020 (Couldn’t Clear Prelims)
4th Attempt 2021 (AIR-18)
Rank in CSE AIR 18 (IAS)
Service Allocation IAS (Indian administrative service)
Cadre Allocation Rajasthan
Age [2022] 26 Years Old
Roll No. 6624586
Total Attempt in CSE 4
Optional Subject Hindi Literature
Education Medium Hindi
Current Posting / Cadre Madhya Pradesh
Home town/city Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan
12th Percentage
10th Percentage
Upsc Marks 1022 (851 + 171)
Work-experience Agriculture, IRTS, IDAS

Ravi Kumar Sihag Attempt

In 2016, Ravi began studying for the UPSC using Hindi as his main language. To pass the UPSC test, he needed four tries. He made his first try in 2018, finishing in 337th place and earning an Indian Defense Accounts Service (IDAS) cadre. In 2019, he attempted again, this time earning the 317th position and being accepted into the Indian Railway Traffic Service (IRTS) class. He made a third try in 2020, but he was unsuccessful in passing the primary exam. On his fourth attempt, he passed the UPSC examination in the year 2021 with the 18th rank.

UPSC Marksheet & Marks

Essay 143
GS-I 098
GS-II 118
GS-III 091
GS-IV 117
Optional-I 144
Optional-II 140
Written Total 851
Personality Test 171
Total Marks 1022

Ravi Kumar Sihag UPSC marksheert

Essay (paper I) 143
General Studies 1 (papaer II) 098
General Studies 2 (papaer III) 118
General Studies 3 (papaer IV) 091
General Studies 4 (papaer V) 117
Optional 1 (Literature of Hindi language) (paper VI) 144
Optional 2 (Literature of hindi language) (paper VII) 140
Written Total 851
Personality test 171
Final total 1022

UPSC Journey

During the interview, when Ravi was asked the reason for choosing Hindi as the medium, Sihag told that he has studied Hindi in school and college since childhood. He feels more comfortable in Hindi than in English so he gave importance to the Hindi language.

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When asked if he had already cleared the UPSC exam, and why did he continue to appear for the exam, Ravi told that he had started aiming for the IAS. In the last years, my rank was getting good but my dream was not getting fulfilled. Now I will be able to do my goal with 18 ranks.

Sihag told that he had prepared himself for the General Studies paper but for his optional subject Hindi Literature, he prepared from Drishti IAS Coaching Center.

Ravi Kumar Sihag chose Hindi literature as an optional subject. and Optional Plays a Crucial Role in UPSC Exam. that’s why after raising some money, he started going to the coaching center.

He also told that when he started preparing for the UPSC exam in 2016, it was not easy for him as he was financially weak, due to which he could not take admission in the best coaching institute as well as due to family responsibilities He could not concentrate on his studies.

Optional Subject

Due to Ravi’s educational background being Hindi, he took Hindi Literature as his optional subject in the UPSC examination. Because he feels more comfortable in Hindi than in English, this is also the reason why he has given more importance to Hindi.

Total Attempt in UPSC

This was Ravi Kumar Sihag’s fourth attempt in the UPSC exam. in which he secured AIR 18 in UPSC CSE 2021. He got AIR 337 in 2018 and got IRTS and AIR 317 in 2019 and got IDAS. he didn’t even clear prelims in 2020. Now He is currently Posted in Chandigarh as an IDAS officer.

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Strategy For Hindi Medium Students

Ravi further said that if you are a student of Hindi medium then you may face many types of problems. Very good study material is not available in Hindi, so you should also check your English notes.

If you do this then your work becomes even easier. If you are going to have only Hindi notes then there may be some shortage of the material. so my suggestion would be to read English notes also.

He said that if you are able to translate from English to Hindi, then you should translate the material from English into Hindi. That is, you must know good English because you get very good content in English, whereas it is a little difficult to do so in Hindi.

Therefore, all Hindi medium students should also pay attention to their English so that they can translate English contents into Hindi also.

Answer Sheet Booklet

Download General Studies

Download General Studies

Download General Studies

Download General Studies

Download General Studies

Download General Studies

Download Ethics

Download Ethics

Problems Being a Hindi Medium Student

Ravi told that all his education has been done in Hindi medium school, so he is more comfortable in the Hindi language.

Although it is not so easy to prepare for UPSC as a Hindi medium student. In view of all these problems, Ravi did not give up and did his preparation in Hindi language only. Hindi literature was kept as an optional subject.

UPSC Booklist

A brief history of modern India (Spectrum)
Indian Art and Culture by Nitin Singhania
Certificate Physical & Human Geography by GC Leong
Indian Polity by Laxmikanth
Indian Economy by Sanjeev Verma
Shankar IAS Environment
Internal Security and Disaster Management by Ashok
Lexicon for Ethics
introduction to social-cultural anthropology NK Vaid

Ravi Kumar Sihag UPSC booklist

Ravi Kumar Sihag booklist for GS1

  • History-  Freedom Struggle– A brief history of modern India By spectrum, Bipin Chandra old ncert book Post-Independence India– Nitin Sangwan book, World History– vision ias notes,
  • Art & Culture– Indian art and culture by Nitin Singhania, old ncert books of class 12th  Medieval India– class 11th and 12th old ncert books
  • Geography- Ncert books of class 11th & 12th, certificate Physical & human geography By GC Leong.
  • Social issue- He makes his own notes on the diversity of India, regionalism, secularism

Ravi Kumar Sihag booklist for GS2

  • Constitution and Polity– Class 12th ncert books, Indian polity by Laxmikanth, Vajiram notes.
  • Governance– 2nd arc report, current affairs, static notes, current affairs
  • International Relationship– Ministry of external affairs website, vision main 365, newspaper

Ravi Kumar Sihag booklist for GS3

  • Environment– Environment by Shankar IAS,
  • Economy– class 11th and 12th ncert books, mrunal sir lecture
  • Internal Security– Internal security & disaster management by- Ashok Kumar and Vipul, vision mains 365.
  • Disaster Management– 2nd arc third report-crisis management, NDMA guideline, current affairs
  • Science & Technology– Current affairs, newspaper

Ravi Kumar Sihag booklist for GS4

  • Ethics– 2nd arc fourth report- Ethics in governance, Citizen-Centric administration, Lexicon for ethics, integrity & aptitude by chronicle

Ravi Kumar sihag salary as an IAS officer

Basic pay 87700
HRA 17248
DA 13509
TA 4600
DA on TA 712
Gross salary 120,769
NPS detection 8921
Total deduction 8951
Net cross salary 91,818
GOVT.contribution 14089

Ravi Kumar Sihag Social Media (Twitter & Instagram)

If you also want to follow Ravi on his social media handle then you can follow him by clicking on the link of his official Twitter handle and Instagram handle given below.

Ravi Kumar Sihag Twitter @RaviKrSihag01

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