The Pros and Cons of Working As a Lab Technician

Careers in medicine and the sciences often have modest beginnings. All over the world, lab technicians are toiling behind the scenes to get important work done in fields as varied as biology, chemistry, engineering, and an array of medical fields. The leading minds behind these industries don’t have enough hands to perform every task that requires human attention, so many of these tasks are delegated to lab technicians. Of course, working as a lab tech has its ups and downs like any other job.

Pro: Choose From Many Opportunities

There are many job opportunities available to hopeful lab technicians. This is a line of work that is temporary for most people. Ambitious scientists and medical professionals often begin their careers working as lab technicians until they can move up the ladder to more prestigious positions. Because of this, lab jobs are constantly opening up. You should have no problem finding and securing a lab tech job if you have the necessary credentials and experience.

Con: Less Than Spectacular Pay

There is, of course, a reason that most workers don’t hold lab technician positions for very long. These are never the highest paying jobs in the industry. The average income of lab technicians is modest compared to other, more advanced positions, and the young professionals going into lab jobs are usually seated with massive student loan debts after graduation. A job as a lab technician will certainly not furnish you with the glamorous life of a highly paid doctor.

Pro: Gain Valuable Experience

In the working world, and especially in medicine and the sciences, experience is extremely important. Lab work is a great way to start gaining valuable experience that will carry you to great heights in your professional life. This is a great opportunity to learn new concepts, procedures, and techniques, as well as acquaint yourself with the tools of the trade. The things you’ll learn in the lab will later help you secure more prestigious positions, and become involved in important research and practice.

Con: High Pressure Work Environment

Any lab technician hopeful should be ready for a good deal of stress on the job. Labs are very high pressure work environments. You will have an abundance of work to do, all of which must be completed with the utmost precision and care. A single mistake can compromise an entire experiment or procedure, so your work will require all of your attention. This will not be the kind of job that allows for slacking off, giving you free time to visit website after website in between bursts of work. Be prepared to work hard under the pressure of a stressful lab environment.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Being a Medical Lab Technician

All in all, working as a lab technician can be very rewarding. You will be a key element in a prestigious work environment, responsible for a highly important job. However, you will not be able to get rich in a position like this, and the stress may be tough to bear. Still, if the benefits of lab technician work outweigh the down sides, this could be a great opportunity for you to advance your career.

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