What Are the Necessary Credentials for a Financial Advisor?

If you’re someone who has a real interest in the field of finances and you’re wondering what kind of career path that you should take, have you ever considered becoming a financial advisor? Not only is it the kind of position that has plenty of job security, but even starting out, you can make as much as $40-45,000 annually with the potential to earning close to $70,000.

So, what do you need to do in order to become a successful financial advisor? That’s a really good question and below, we’ll provide you with five things that you should have below:


The right kind of personality

Although there is a certain kind of educational criteria that must be met, it’s first important to make sure that you have some of the personality traits that are required to do well as a financial consultant. You must be detail-oriented. You must be a problem solver. You must be a good listener and a great communicator. And yes, you must be good with money.

A college degree

In order to get a job with a company as a financial advisor, one of the things that they are going to require is that you have a college degree. Although it can be in finances, a bachelor’s in economics, accounting, business, computer systems or even math is also ideal.

A financial planning certificate

Having a financial planning certificate is not necessarily a mandate, but being that the financial advisor industry is highly competitive, in order to prove to your prospective clients that you truly have what it takes to handle their financial situation, it’s a good thing to have in tow. You can get more information on how to earn your certification by visiting CPF.net.

An internship

If you were to ask a financial consulting company such as Diamond Consultants what a necessary credential would be in order to become a reputable financial advisor, one of the things that they might suggest is that you get at least one internship either during or immediately following graduation. Not only will it help to get you some hands-on experience in the field, but it’s also a highly-effective way to do some networking within the industry too. As a matter of fact, many people who start off as interns go on to land positions within the company that they worked for. Plus, unlike many other internships, when you work at a financial firm, usually you will either receive an hourly wage or a stipend at the end of your internship.

The right kind of attitude

The most successful financial advisors in the world will tell you that if there’s one thing you definitely need to have, it would be a tenacious attitude. Be a go-getter on the job. Seek out seminars and conferences where you can receive more education on the industry. Look for areas where you can be challenged and seek out opportunities to show your employer that you can take on more responsibility. When it comes to being a financial advisor, although you will be required to have a certain kind of education, don’t forget that you can also go far with the right kind of spirit too.

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