The Best Job Opportunities in Home Improvement and Maintenance

The thing about working in the home improvement and maintenance industry is that you don’t necessarily need to get your hands dirty to work in the field. Indeed, if you are interested in the ever booming home improvement industry, there are jobs that require you to wear a suit and tie to work, and jobs that require you to wear overalls and a pair of gloves. No matter what, though, becoming a part of the home improvement and maintenance industry is a great way to secure a promising career with lots of benefits. Not only that, but many jobs in the home improvement industry can offer longevity and a chance to do something you love doing. Here are some of the best job opportunities in home improvement and maintenance.

Career, Salary and Education Information

If you like wearing a suit to work and working in an office, you could become a sales representative for a home improvement company. As a sales rep for a major manufacturer of home maintenance and renovation tools, it will be your job to contact leads and speak with major retailers in the hopes that you can convince them to pick up your line of products. This job can be promising, because you can often make a sales commission for each purchase order you put in the books.

However, if you enjoy getting your hands a little dirtier, you could become a building inspector. A building inspector usually has one solitary specialty, like mold remediation or lead inspection. As an inspector, it will be your job to visit different homes to test for the presence for everything from mold to water damage. You may get calls from real estate agents looking to have an old home inspected, or you may get calls from a homeowners who are concerned that something is wrong with their home. As a home inspector, you can make a decent salary and enjoy many benefits, especially if you work for a local government or big company.

Top General Maintenance and Repair Jobs

Another great job in the home improvement and maintenance industry is that of an HVAC specialist. HVAC, which stands for ‘heating, ventilation, and air conditioning,’ is a broad term that covers all of the different methods and mediums in which we cool, warm and ventilate the air in our homes. As a technician, it will be your job to repair heating and cooling units, like ductless heat pump units and central air units. You may also replace filters and clean ductwork. All in all, this position is a great job for anyone that likes to fix machines and get their hands dirty.

Lastly, you could also become a renovation contractor. If you have a love for home building, especially renovation, there is a good chance that you could thrive in this position. As a home renovation contractor, it will be your responsibility to lead home renovations projects and other upgrades. For instance, you may get to restore a kitchen, or even a bathroom, to make it more modern and energy efficient, especially if you choose eco-friendly materials.

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