The Pros and Cons of a Career in the Tourism Industry

For those of us who love the company of others just as much as we love exploring and experiencing new places, working at a career in the tourism industry can seem like the perfect fit, a great way to do what you love and make a nice living whilst you do it. If you feel like the above description suits you pretty well, then you may already have begun considering getting your career in the tourism started. But you might also be wondering if you’ll absolutely enjoy every single aspect of your new career choice. Most jobs have plenty to them that’d we’d consider to be less than ideal, and when you’re thinking about aligning yourself with something like the tourism industry, it can be smart to consider all the different aspects of your career choice, so that you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. We’ll talk about some of the ups and downs that typically come along with working in the tourist industry, so you can know exactly what you can expect.

Pros and Cons of Tourism

If you enjoy working with people, and with a lot of them, then the tourism industry is probably quite right for you. You’re going to have to deal with other individuals on a very regular basis, and if that sort of thing constantly tries your patience, you might want to rethink your career leanings. You’ll also obviously get to travel a lot, so if you have that lust for the nomadic life, then you’re likely to have a great time working in a globetrotting position within the tourism industry. You’ll also get to experience a variety of new and different cultures, whether you spend your time traveling the world or not. Working in the tourism industry is a business of both coming and going, so even if you stay in the same place you’re guaranteed to be running into a consistent variety of peoples and cultures.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tourism

On the downside, however — working in the tourism industry involves working with people, and a lot of them. If you find yourself easily tired or irritated by the less-than-considerate actions of others, then you might think about another career choice. Patience is a virtue, but when you’re working with travelers, it’s pretty much a requirement. People can be cranky, fussy, and can demand to do things their own way, regardless of who else is involved. There are also down seasons to contend with, and when you work in the tourist industry the economy has a lot of bearing on how fruitful work is at the time. There’s a lot to consider when you’re thinking about starting your career in the tourism industry, and if you make sure you’re thinking of all the right things, then you can find yourself enjoying a long and happy career. No matter what — whether you’re giving a Brazil tour or are a docent a the Washington Monument — working with others and helping them enjoy themselves is always a rewarding and fun way to make a living.

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