Essential Sociology by Nitin Sangwan PDF

The second edition of Essential Sociology now covers Sociology in an even more comprehensive manner. It is a result of extensive feedback by the beloved readers. The book will now cater to the needs of not only UPSC Civil Services aspirants, but NET aspirants and undergraduate students also.

The language of the book has been further simplified in this edition. The book is divided into two parts and it covers Indian sociological thought in great detail with a contemporary touch.


Essential Sociology By Nitin Sangwan PDF

Essential Sociology By Nitin Sangwan PDF: In this post today, we will share with you Essential Sociology By Nitin Sangwan PDF, which you can download and read for free with the direct download link provided below in this post. We will give you complete information about the Essential Sociology By Nitin Sangwan PDF and a direct download link to the PDF.

Book Name Essential Sociology
Author Nitin Sangwan, Seema, Shruti Jakha
Size 253 MB
No of Pages 547
Language English
Credit / Source Google Drive
Edition 2nd

Key Features of This Edition

  • 50+ solved model questions which shall be particularly helpful for Civil Services Exam aspirants and college and university students
  • 750+ new definitions in the book added as glossary for clear comprehension of the subject
  • Up to date statistics and figures till 2022 for providing the readers a contemporary perspective
  • Key terms highlighted in the book so that reader doesn’t miss important concepts
  • 100+ pages worth of new content in this edition

If your dream is to be an IAS so you are at the right place because today i am going to share with you all UPSC PSC Notes free in this post we are going to share with you all Essential Sociology by Nitin Sangwan PDF which is very useful for upsc and helpful for pcs exam.

UPSC Civil Services Mains Exam has Sociology as one of the Optional Subjects with 2 papers (Optional Paper I and Paper II). The mains examination is a part of IAS Exam which has 3 stages- Prelims, Mains and Interview. The nature of the Sociology UPSC Syllabus focuses on contemporary issues in society.

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The book is amazing and easy to understand even if you have never read a sociology book before. The touch of humor makes it even more beautiful. A great pick for UPSC or state civil service sociology optional.

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Contents of Nitin Sangwan Sociology PDF

Part I

  • Chapter-1 Sociology- The Discipline
  • Chapter-2 Sociology as Science
  • Chapter-3 Research method
  • Chapter-4 Social Thinkers
  • Chapter-5 Stratification and mobility
  • Chapter-6 Work and Economic life
  • Chapter-7 Politics and Society
  • Chapter-8 Religion and Society
  • Chapter-9 Systems of kinship
  • Chapter-10 Social changes in modern society

Part II

Section A- Introducing Indian Society

  • Chapter-11 Perspectives on Study of Indian society
  • Chapter-12 Impact of Colonial rule on Indian Society

Section B- Social Structure

  • Chapter-13 Rural and Agrarian Social Structure
  • Chapter-14 Caste System
  • Chapter-15 Tribal communities in India
  • Chapter-16 Social cases in India
  • Chapter-17 System of kinship in India
  • Chapter-18 Religion and society

Section C- Social Changes in India

  • Chapter-19 Vision of social changes in India
  • Chapter-20 Rural and Agrarian transformation in India
  • Chapter-21 Industrialization and Urbanisations in India
  • Chapter-22 Politics and Society
  • Chapter-23 Social movements in modern India
  • Chapter-24 Population Dynamics
  • Chapter-25 Challenges of social transformations

Essential Sociology by Nitin Sangwan PDF Download

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