Keynotes in Organic Chemistry Second Edition

Download Free PDF book on “Keynotes in Organic Chemistry Second Edition” by Andrew F Parsons. This concise and accessible book provides organic chemistry notes for students studying chemistry and related courses at undergraduate level, covering core organic chemistry in a format ideal for learning and rapid revision. The material is organised so that fundamental concepts are introduced early, then built on to provide an overview of the essentials of functional group chemistry and reactivity, leading the student to a solid understanding of the basics of organic chemistry. Graphical presentation of information is central to the book, to facilitate the rapid assimilation, understanding and recall of critical concepts, facts and definitions

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Book Content

Chapter 1: Structure and bonding

Chapter 2: Functional groups, nomenclature and drawing organic compounds

Chapter 3: Stereochemistry

Chapter 4: Reactivity and mechanism

Chapter 5: Halogenoalkanes

Chapter 6: Alkenes and alkynes

Chapter 7: Benzenes

Chapter 8: Carbonyl compounds: aldehydes and ketones

Chapter 9: Carbonyl compounds: carboxylic acids and derivatives

Chapter 10: Spectroscopy

Chapter 11: Natural products and synthetic polymers

Book Name Keynotes in Organic Chemistry Second Edition
Author Andrew F Parsons
Category Chemistry
Book Language English
Publisher John Wiley & Sons, Ltd
Pages 302
ISBN 9781119999140
Country United Kindm
Book Size 8.93 MB

Keynotes in Organic Chemistry Second Edition PDF Download

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