Multi-Step Organic Synthesis A Guide Through Experiments

Download Free PDF book on “Multi-Step Organic Synthesis” by Nicolas Boglliotti and Roba Moumne. Combining theoretical knowledge of synthetic transformations, practical considerations, structural elucidation by interpretation of spectroscopic data as well as rationalization of structure-property relations, this textbook presents a series of 16 independent exercises, including detailed descriptions of experimental procedures, questions, and answers. The experimental descriptions are very helpful for guiding less experienced students towards a better understanding of practical aspects in synthetic organic chemistry, while the broad scope of the questions and answers is excellent for learning purposes. The exercises are based on published research articles, adapted for didactic purposes, and will thus inspire students by way of having to solve real-life problems in chemistry.

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Book Content

Chapter 1: Atovaquone: An Antipneumocystic Agent

Chapter 2: SEN794: An SMO Receptor Antagonist

Chapter 3: Synthesis of an H1-H3 Antagonist

Chapter 4: Synthesis of Eletriptan

Chapter 5: Total Synthesis and Structure Revision of Streptophenazine A

Chapter 6: Synthesis of Leiodermatolide, A Biologically Active Macrolide

Chapter 7: Azobenzene-Thiourea Catalysts for the Control of Chemical Reactivity with Light

Chapter 8: Synthesis and Properties of a Photo-activatable Mimic of Pyridoxal 5ʹ-Phosphate

Chapter 9: Fluorescent Peptides for Monitoring Activity of Autophagy-Initiating Enzyme

Chapter 10: Fluorescent Peptide Probes for Cathepsin B

Chapter 11: Total Synthesis of Stemoamide

Chapter 12: Total Synthesis and Structure Revision of Caraphenol B

Chapter 13: Synthetic Routes Toward Muricatacin and Analogs

Chapter 14: Asymmetric Synthesis of (−)-Martinellic Acid

Chapter 15: Cyclic Pseudopeptides as Potent Integrin Antagonists

Chapter 16: Enantioselective Synthesis of Nonnatural Amino Acids for Incorporation in Antimicrobial Peptides

Book Name Multi-Step Organic Synthesis A Guide Through Experiments
Author Nicolas Boglliotti and Roba Moumne
Category Chemistry
Book Language English
Publisher Wiley-VCH
Pages 282
ISBN 978-3-527-34065-1
Country Germany
Book Size 4.17 MB

Multi-Step Organic Synthesis A Guide Through Experiments PDF Download

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