Mechanical Engineer’s Handbook PDF Download

Download Free PDF Book “Mechanical Engineer’s Handbook” By Dan B. Marghitu, J. David Irwin. The Mechanical Engineer’s Handbook was developed and written specifically to fill a need for mechanical engineers and mechanical engineering students. With over 1000 pages, 550 illustrations, and 26 tables the Mechanical Engineer’s Handbook is comprehensive, compact and durable. The Handbook covers major areas of mechanical engineering with succinct coverage of the definitions, formulas, examples, theory, proofs, and explanations of all principle subject areas. The Handbook is an essential, practical companion for all mechanical engineering students with core coverage of nearly all relevant courses included.

Book contents

Chapter 1 Statics

Chapter 2 Dynamics

Chapter 3 Mechanics of Materials

Chapter 4 Theory of Mechanisms

Chapter 5 Machine Components

Chapter 6 Theory of Vibration

Chapter 7 Principles of Heat Transfer

Chapter 8 Fluid Dynamics

Chapter 9 Control

Appendix – Differential Equations and Systems of Differential Equations


Book Name Mechanical Engineer’s Handbook
Author Dan B. Marghitu, J. David Irwin
Category Mathematics Books, Mechanical Engineering Books
Book Language English
Publisher Academic Press Books
Pages 876
Country USA
Book Size 18 MB

Mechanical Engineer’s Handbook PDF Download

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