Automatic Control Systems PDF Download

Download Free PDF Book “Automatic Control Systems” By Benjamin C. Kuo, Farid Golnaraghi. Automatic Control Systems provides engineers with a fresh new controls book that places special emphasis on mechatronics. It follows a revolutionary approach by actually including a physical lab. In addition, readers will find authoritative coverage of modern design tools and examples. Current mechatronics applications build motivation to learn the material. Extensive use of virtual lab software is also integrated throughout the chapters.

Automatic Control Systems Book contents

  1. Chapter 1: Introduction
  2. Chapter 2: Mathematical Foundation
  3. Chapter 3: Block Diagrams and Signal – Flow Graphs
  4. Chapter 4: Theoretical Foundation and Background Material – Modeling of Dynamic Systems
  5. Chapter 5: Time – Domain Analysis of Control Systems
  6. Chapter 6: The Control Lab
  7. Chapter 7: Root Locus Analysis
  8. Chapter 8: Frequency – Domain Analysis
  9. Chapter 9: Design of Control Systems
  10. Chapter 10: State Variable Analysis


  1. Appendix A: Elementary Matrix Theory and Algebra
  2. Appendix B: Difference Equations
  3. Appendix C: Laplace Transform Table
  4. Appendix D: Z – Transform Table
  5. Appendix E: Properties and Construction of the Root Loci
  6. Appendix F: General Nyquist Criterion
  7. Appendix G: Acsys 2008 – Description of the Software
  8. Appendix H: Discrete – Data Control Systems

Automatic Control Systems Book Details

Book Name Automatic Control Systems
Author Benjamin C. Kuo, Farid Golnaraghi
Category Electrical And Electronics Engineering Books, Electrical Engineering Books, Electronics & Communication Engineering
Book Language English
Publisher Prentice Hall New Jersey
Pages 672
Country USA New Jersey
Book Size 24 MB

Automatic Control Systems Book PDF Download

Automatic Control Systems Book PDF Download

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