Operation and Control in Power Systems

Download Free PDF Book “Operation and Control in Power Systems” By P.S.R. Murty. The main objective of power system operation and control is to maintain continuous supply of power with an acceptable quality, to all the consumers in the system. The system will be in equilibrium, when there is a balance between the power demand and the power generated.

Book contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Load Flow Analysis
  3. Economic Operation of Power Systems
  4. Optimal Load Flow
  5. Unit Commitment
  6. Load Frequency Control
  7. Control of Interconnected Systems
  8. Voltage and Reactive Power Control
  9. Introductions to Advanced Topics
  10. Objective Questions
  11. Answers to Objective Questions
  12. Index
Book Name Operation and Control in Power Systems
Author P.S.R. Murty
Category Electrical And Electronics Engineering Books, Electrical Engineering Books, Electronics & Communication Engineering
Book Language English
Publisher BS Publications
Pages 423
Country India
Book Size 16 MB

Operation and Control in Power Systems PDF Download

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