Pay Per Click (PPC) Management Services in India

Proactive PPC management services that make your pay per click advertising spend go further

Pay Per Click (PPC) is the quickest way to compete at the top of search results using paid-for campaigns which target the keywords your customers use to search. By selecting and bidding on the right keywords, your campaign will be delivered at the top of search results. The key is to balance the right keyword selection within your budget, and to make sure your website also delivers.

We can offer PPC Management Services for Google Adwords, Microsoft AdCenter, Yahoo Search Marketing, Facebook and LinkedIn amongst others. In each case, our primary objective is to ensure you are getting the best return possible on your advertising spend.


PPC Management – Demographic Targeting

Targeting the right demographic through PPC is important

Want your business to target that dream audience? Then let the online marketing team help you reach your ideal demographic.

The consultants , hands on experience when it comes to pay per click advertising and can help you build the ideal campaign for maximum exposure and business expansion.

Breaking down demographics by age and even gender; your PPC campaign has the ability to reach the desired audience, minimising any unnecessary clicks and maximising your sales. A refined campaign is key to success and can provide ultimate ROI. Assist you with a campaign that is on target for success!

Don’t risk your blowing your budget on the wrong audience. Let the online experts refine your campaign demographics and ensure your PPC advert is a money maker!

PPC Management – Display Advertising Services

The key to business success lies in your reach; are you targeting the masses? If it’s time to start thinking big then why not let the internet marketing consultants help you get the most out of your ROI?

Here at our online experts pride themselves on helping a multitude of businesses achieve ultimate success and maximum brand growth. The team possess proven experience in the area of pay per click and use display advertising to effectively and strategically place your campaign on highly targeted sites that provide worthy traffic and in effect; an ultimate return on your investment.

If you want your PPC campaign to achieve powerful results and your brand to reach far and wide then why not let the internet marketing experts create the ideal campaign and ensure that with display advertising, your brand reaches the audience you need for definitive success.

Target users on the go through Mobile PPC

Mobile technology is the way forward. With the rising popularity of Tablet PCs and smart phones; an increasing percentage of the population now use the internet on the go…is your business ready for this?

The internet marketing consultants in mobile PPC and can help create a campaign uniquely catered for your mobile audience. Whatever your business; a mobile campaign can target tablet PCs and smartphones by make, model and even phone company; allowing our internet marketing consultants to refine your campaign to a t and enable your business to achieve ideal growth and return on investment.

Mobile technology is today, a vastly used and admired tool and is growing minute by minute. Don’t risk falling behind; ensure your company is ready to target the mobile audience. The team are the ultimate mobile PPC experts so let them give you a hand and ensure your business is on the right track.

PPC Call Tracking Solutions

Do you have an online marketing strategy in place but are unsure as to just what keywords are providing your business with return? For any business; a wise budget spend is essential but how can you be sure what is working for your business and what is proving to be a dud? With the internet consultants ; determining the success of your online marketing has never been easier.

The online experts are delighted to be a team that not only help businesses establish an ideal online footprint but also keep on top of each and every campaign with a refined tracking system to determine the areas of success. With our phone tracking service; the specialists can work wonders by not only determining what keyword your customer has used but what path they have taken to get onto your website and exactly what page the customer was on when they decided to make the call. With this unique tracking system businesses are able to determine what are of their online marketing is working and what isn’t to ensure ultimate ROI.

Do you know just where your customer is coming from? Maximise your return and ensure your online marketing is achieving as much as it possibly can with phone call tracking. Keeping on top of your success has never been easier.

Remarketing / ReTargeting Solutions

Tired of not seeing your business grow? Want to ensure that your business reaches out to old and new customers? Then why not let the internet marketing specialistshelp? Our team possess established practise in ensuring that businesses reach the desired audience and continue to grow.

The online consultants possess years of experience in the field of remarketing; an area of internet marketing that aims to target anyone who has ever visited any part of your site…it really is possible. Ever wonder why the customer who got to the checkout walked away? Or why they filled out a call back form but never pressed submit? Well now you don’t have to! With our unique online remarketing; the team use a specialist system that allows your business to target those potential customers with a unique message that they won’t be able to resist!

Don’t fear losing out on a sale! Your business can target a mass customer base and earn that ideal ROI; with internet marketing, anything is possible.

PPC Training

Want to take charge of your internet marketing and ensure that your business achieves the success you desire? Then why not let the online consultants assist? Our team have retained years of proven skill in ensuring businesses achieve growing and lasting success.

The team have worked alongside a broad range of businesses to ensure that they achieve optimum ROI and continued growth with the ideal PPC campaign however, we don’t stop there. Our online consultants are proud to provide a unique service that ensures all our clients receive the required PPC training and testing skills to maintain control of their own success.

Here internet marketing; our online experts know that every business has their own goals which is why we feel it is important we work with you, not for you; to ensure that you can take the reins and determine your own success.

Adwords PPC Management

Free AdWords Campaign Setup

New to Google AdWords? We’re offering a Free AdWords PPC campaign setup service including;

  • Account creation
  • Campaign Setup
  • AdGroup creation
  • Keyword Targeting
  • 50 Advertising voucher

Free AdWords Management Trial

If you are considering using an Agency to manage your Google AdWords PPC account our free AdWords PPC trial is a great way to try us before you buy us!  The free trial includes;

  • 1 Campaign
  • 1 AdGroup
  • Max 1k budget
  • Max 1 Month
Free AdWords Account Review

Have an exisiting AdWords account? Our free AdWords account review will show you how to improve your accounts performance.

  • Account, Campaign, AdGroup & Keyword Audit.
  • Quality score & impression share
  • Conversion analysis
  • Month on Month, Week on Week, Day on Day

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