Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Improve your position in search engine results pages

A successful website is not just about design and content. It’s about making sure your customers and prospects can find it, fast. How can you make sure your website has the ‘teeth’ to get noticed by search engines so that you reach more customers? Consultancy & Market Research, Prioritizing Keywords, site optimisation, Planning a strategy, building links and progress reporting.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Improve your position in search engine results pages

Optimise your website with professional SEO solutions

Achieving the top slot (or even the first page) on search engine results pages (SERPs) is not automatic, and not always easy. It may even seem mysterious! By applying 10 years of experience, our Search Engine Optimisation Consultants can take the guesswork out of search techniques, and help you achieve the holy grail – the no. 1 search position.

  • SEO Consultancy
  • Effective Research
  • Optimising the Website
  • Planning the Strategy
  • Ethical Link Building
  • Tracking and Reporting

What will our professional SEO experts provide?

  • Full review of your website content and structure
  • Identified opportunities for improving performance on Search Engine Results Pages
  • Detailed action plan to improve SEO performance
  • Full return on investment profile
  • Campaign management
  • SEO Website Design, Copy and Development – or we can work with your own team

Why use SEO Services?

  • Affordable – we have a range of SEO Packages to suit different types of business
  • Gets results – proven return on investment
  • Ethical & open – we follow the guidelines
  • Experienced Consultants who keep up-to-date with the latest techniques
  • Saves you time

1. Market Appraisal

The first stage and arguably the most important, we’ll undertake a full market appraisal of your products and services, keywords and competitors including;

  • Understand top priority products/services and their timescales
  • Brainstorm and Group all relevant keywords and their variants
  • Determine which keywords are being used and get the search counts
  • Perform return on investment calculations to understand profitability
  • Identify and analyse up to 10 competitor websites for appropriate keywords.

2. Website SEO Audit

Our Consultants will perform a thorough SEO Website Analysis and will show you some eye-opening statistics of how you are performing in your market.

  • Current traffic & keyword Analysis
  • Existing ranking check
  • Link Popularity & search engine inclusion
  • Content & Site Architecture,
  • Keywords and internal structure

3. Building the foundations for successful SEO

Successful website optimisation is all about structure, content and the natural flow between your websites pages. We’ll help you develop the appropriate structure, optimise your content and Meta tags, create supporting content (overhead pages) and ensure your pages flow seamlessly through internal link building.

Developing the structure

We’ll ensure your website is structured for success by ensuring your pages are grouped by common themes.

Assigning Keyword Priorities

We apply keywords to specific pages based on their relevancy, estimated value to the business and ranking success factors to ensure your site has wide ranking capability.

Content & Meta Data Optimisation

Once keywords have been assigned to the relevant pages, we’ll apply these keywords contextually to the Meta data and content.

Overhead Pages & Internal Linking

To support the overall optimisation campaign we’ll work with you to develop supporting (overhead) pages of content and develop your internal links to offer a natural flow between content.

4. Developing a winning SEO strategy

Aligning your SEO strategy with your overall marketing plan is key. We take into consideration any market trends, planned product / service launches and seasonality to produce a plan that wins.

Keyword Targeting

We’ll look at things such as keywords with volume of searches, the search buying cycle and customer pain points to reach agreed keyword targets that will drive conversions.

Planning content development

We’ll work with you to identify the appropriate type of content such as a blog, news or feature articles and help you to get this content posted regularly to your website.

Link acquisition planning

Obviously building links back to your website is going to help improve your natural search rankings in Google, however the acquisition plan will determine whether or not you’re getting them at the right times in order to impact your results profitably.

Monthly SEO Reporting, Tracking and Analysis

As part of our ongoing commitment to your SEO campaign management we’ll provide you with regular monthly updates covering such things as;

Traffic Analysis

Analysing which sources your traffic is coming from, through which keywords and what share of voice that traffic is achieving.

Link Volumes & Quality

We’ll help you understand where you are generating links from and what the quality of those links are.

Keyword, Rankings & Conversions

Monitoring keyword rankings is an important part of the SEO process; we’ll track their positions and report on their success in generating sales conversions.

Activities & Recommendations

It’s important to keep your SEO moving, so we provide you with recommended activities and optimisation tasks that we’ll work on together.

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