Will Article Marketing Work for a Larger Business?

Article marketing has, for countless years; been viewed as a great way for businesses to grow their brand and market their products and services to their audience. Known predominately for being an ideal path for smaller businesses to see growth, the larger businesses are now asking; is article marketing the right path for me?

Article Marketing

As a cog in an overall strategy; article marketing can be a fantastic tool for businesses of all sizes and all industries to witness growth and by establishing a strong authorship, in association with a company, a great deal of credibility can be gained.

Steps in Article Marketing

Here are our top tips that can help ensure that your business, whatever size it may be, can benefit from an article marketing strategy…

  • Create articles that have a general link to your business/services. By creating general articles, without directly mentioning your business name in the content body; you are able to provide sufficient content that may quite greatly benefit the audience and in effect boost your online rankings (Google now adores nothing more than genuine, good quality articles)
  • By placing links to your website in the resource or author bio boxes of submissions; you provide that all important link to direct readers straight to your website.
  • It is possible to make the most of your resource/author bio boxes by including profitable keywords within your descriptions…the more profitable the better.

Whatever your business size; do not immediately shrug off the impact of article marketing; when done right you would be surprised as to just how effective this can be within your online marketing strategy.

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