50 Greatest Business Ideas in 2023

If we talk about the topic called Small Business Ideas, then we will find that most people will think of doing this type of business at the beginning i.e. the person who moves towards becoming an entrepreneur in the initial stages has a low cost.
Attracted towards business. And in that case, not only one but many ideas would come in to their mind, and they would have disappeared from their mind. If this happens. So this means that till now you have not seen our list of Small Business Ideas.

The list which we have presented in Hindi, choose any one of these Bumess according to your interest. And earn further information and training only for the Bautumness that you have selected. That is, in which apart from seeing your future, you are also sure that you will be able to earn from that business. Respected readers, we are happy to inform you that till now we have published hundreds of business ideas through this website.

Therefore, you can also take advantage of these business related ideas on the basis of your desired category. Apart from this, if you want, you can click on the categories named Planning and Training and Development for information about schemes and training related to business. In this article, we are talking about only a few i.e. about 50 Small Business Ideas.

But we have also given detailed information about almost all these businesses, the link of which we have given at the end of the brief description of the respective business. So let us once read this important article from beginning to end, and then try to know the rest of the information by clicking on the link given at the end of the business about which detailed information is needed.


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1. Ice Cream Making Business:

Before doing this small business, do an analysis, that is, do you live in a place where the number of children is more. If the answer is yes, then you should get into this ice cream-making business. Because in this business you will have children as your main customer.

You must have also felt, when children insist on eating ice cream, then it is such an insistence that every parent has to fulfill it. Because without eating ice cream, children are not ready to listen to anything. Well, what do you have to do, you have to convert the stubbornness of the children into your business by adopting our small business ideas.

2. Business of Kadai Badges in Clothing:

Who does not like to wear attractive clothes, everyone wants to look attractive by wearing attractive clothes.

But where women’s clothing is being talked about, only the attractive cloth does not make the clothes attractive, it makes them attractive, the embroidery and begging did in that cloth. For this, you can also do this business

Therefore, you can also make embroidery and badge work in clothes as part of your small business idea.

Companies related to the business of clothing will come to you themselves to give this work or you can also find your customers in the market.

3. Business of Making Pop Corn:

By the way, anyone can do this small business idea. But if you belong to a rural area. So you can do the business of making popcorn, and knowing its packaging method by making Pop Com, you can send the made popcorn to the cities through packaging. Since popcorn is mostly made from maize, maize is cultivated only in rural India. Therefore, in rural areas, you can get Raw Materials for making popcorn at cheap prices.

4. Business of making paper plates and cups

Cup plates made from paper are not only used in roadside Dawa, air shops, etc. Rather, apart from being used in various planning, it is also used in big companies. That’s why a sector is waiting for you to earn from this small business of making paper plates. Let’s know about the business of making paper plates and paper cups.

5. Business of making quilts, mattresses, and pillows:

The business of quilts, mattresses, blankets, etc. is not a sensual business. Yes, it is a different matter that your quilts and blankets will sell a little more in winter than in summer, people not only buy quilted blankets in winter but can buy them anytime.
Because the transaction of quilts, mattresses, blankets, etc. is done according to traditional customs. Like in marriage, when someone passes away, even the pandit has to give quilts, mattresses, etc. Therefore, starting this business on a small scale can also be a good idea.

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6. Hair Salon Business:

If you know any such barber ie hair cuter. One who is willing to work for pay, you can start with two men on a small scale. So by adopting our small business ideas, you can earn by doing your own hair salon business.

7. Business of giving tuition from home:

If you are proficient in any subject. Nowadays, even the parents living in rural areas have become very aware of the education of their children. This trend was already there in the cities. By taking advantage of their awareness, you can take responsibility for their children’s education and give them coaching or tuition either in their own home or in your own home. And you can earn your money by making this small business idea a part of our top business.

8. Painting work of buildings and houses:

Often people get their houses painted when someone gets married in the house, and in festivals etc. Because behind this some folklores like it is said at the time of Diwali, that Lakshmi arrives first in the clean houses, are also attached. Which inspires people to paint their homes. This inspiration of them can become the inspiration of your business for you people. And to take advantage of this, you can start the business of painting.

9. Laundry Business:

Before doing this small business, where you will do this, it is necessary to analyze the living habits, clothes, habits, etc. of the people of that area. Are you doing laundry and dry cleaning business in such a place, where people do not wear suits, have you analyzed their spending capacity. Are people not washing their own house blankets etc. at home? These small business ideas can be beneficial only when you start this business by asking yourself the above question.

10. Business of sending meds to homes:

Maid in Hindi means domestic maid. A Domestic maid means a woman doing household chores. In today’s era, say due to the increase in the number of nuclear families, say because of the ambition of both husband and wife to move forward in their business, or say because of some family compulsions, whatever the reason. Keeping a Maid for household chores has become a trend nowadays. By taking advantage of this trend of society, you can make the work of sending Maid to the homes of people your business. And by adopting this business idea, you can earn a lot of money.

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11. Mobile Phone Repairing Business:

It is a bit difficult to say whether a person has been left out of the use of mobile. Because mobile phones have become a part of the lifestyle of not only urban people. Rather, people living in more and more rural areas have also made mobile phones a part of their lifestyle. There is immense potential in this small business. Because every person has only one mobile, maybe a person has two or even three mobiles. So what happened, you must have also made mobile a part of your lifestyle. Now make a part of your business by opening a mobile phone shop.

13. Candle Making Business:

Candle making is called candle making in Hindi. You can start a small business of candle-making from your home. Candles are not only used for Diwali and birthday parties but are also used for emergency lighting and peaceful protest rallies in the Indian home.

Apart from this, Fancy Candle is also used to decorate the house. Therefore, this small business idea for candle-making can make you earn a lot from your home itself.

14. General Store business

Which human being as such, who has never felt the need of grocery store in his life? Or in other words, we can say that which family is such that, till date, according to the needs of their house, they have not shopped from any grocery store. Maybe nobody. This need of the people makes this small business idea ubiquitous. In this sentence, we mean omnipresence with no area limit, that is, you can open this business in rural, urban, urban areas.

15. Tea Stall Business Ideas:

Although tea shop is seen as a traditional business in India. But even today its importance has not diminished because of this. Because people did not stop drinking tea. Rather, tea breaks were given in big offices and factories. The biggest advantage of this tea break was the small business of tea stall outside the office. And there should be. In Indian culture, drinking tea is known as an act of getting rid of stress, while asking a known person for tea is known as a civilization.

Having worked a little more in the office, let’s drink tea. Coming tired of traveling somewhere, let’s drink some tea. Or found someone familiar on the way, let’s drink tea. So choose any such region. Where there is an industrial area, that is, the area where there are more factories etc. Or you can make a city bus stand, railway station or any other place which is more crowded, a part of your small business ideas.

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16. Bread making business:

You can start Bread Making business from your home. Since in today’s time in India also bread and egg are popular in breakfast in the morning. Perhaps their popularity is because it takes very little time to make them. Or rather, if the bread is ready to eat as soon as it comes, then it will not be wrong. In this hectic life when it becomes extremely difficult for a human to find time for cooking, and even for eating food. Then the option that he sees is Bread. Therefore, Small Business Ideas of Bread Making or Bakery Business can make you earn from home.

17. Gur and Jaggery Making business:

Jaggery is called Gud in Hindi. It is used in various food dishes. However, Jaggery in India is mostly made from sugarcane juice. Therefore this small business can be seen as a seasonal business. But despite being seasonal, there are many possibilities in the work of making jaggery.
If you do Belong from Uttar Pradesh or Maharashtra then you can easily start this Jaggery making small business from your home. Because you will get the availability of raw material easily. The advantage of this small business idea is that you can easily understand the process of making Jaggery. And can also be used as a first experiment. Therefore, Jaggery Making at Home can also become your earning business.

18. Carpentry and Plumbing Business:

Where carpentry is called carpentry work in Hindi, plumbing is called plumbing in the common colloquial language of Hindi. This Small Business Ideas is a bit traditional, you all must know this. But do you know that this traditionalist noun is what makes this small business beautiful?

Because due to the addition of the word Traditional, the interest of people in this small business is less. And you

know the possibilities, the water is never coming from the ceiling, the urinal is damaged, the spout is dripping, the water is overflowing from the washbasin, need the door of the house, need a sofa, need a chair, need a table, need a wooden drawer. And so on. All these needs will go on and on, and will never end. And due to less crowd in this business, this small business can prove to be very profitable.

19. Business of cooking food for weddings and parties:

You are a housewife, even then it will work. Even if you are a person from the hotel sector, it will work. You are neither of these two. You are just a human being. But there is a wonderful art hidden inside you which is cooking, then this Small Business Ideas in English language is for you. The first thing you will need to do is this small business. That will be the marketing of your cooking skills.

If there is a chance somewhere like in a small function, or in someone’s birthday party or in any other event, then cook the right food for free. People like to eat. So they definitely ask the name of the cook. And as the discussions of your cooking will be heard among more and more people. Some of those people will definitely give you the work of cooking at some event. And gradually this small business idea will be completely transformed into your business.

20. Chips Making Small Business :

Chips are not only used by people who drink alcohol. Rather, children fall behind the parents to get the chips. And even nowadays, big companies have also included chips in the refreshment material given to their employees during work. So if you start this business on a small level, and expand it later, then this idea has the ability to change your life up to 90 degrees. You can start making different types of chips, potato chips, banana chips, etc.

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21. Dairy & Sweet Parlor Business

Remember, you have to open Dairy in the city ie in such a market. Where there is plenty of consumption of milk. But you can do this so that you do not get milk expensive, talk to the farmers of four or five villages or if there is a dairy farm nearby, then talk to them that you will buy their milk every day. Then bring this milk to your dairy, sell it, and take forward this small business of yours.

22. Decorating Business

With the changing times, the requirements of the people also change. And when the needs change, then the fulfillment of these needs also becomes necessary. And you know, the goods or services that are produced to meet the needs.

23. Soap Making Small Business:

Soap is called soap in Hindi. And there are many types of soap, such as bath soap, laundry soap, aromatic soap, animal bath soap, etc. And the use of soap is required by every human being living in this universe in his daily activities.
So what are the possibilities in this small business? This question would be wrong. Since the possibilities are high in this small business. Therefore, you will get more competition in the soap-making business. For this, you have to understand the behavior of your target customer towards soaps. For example:- Some people do not know the brand of any product and recognize it by its color.

Like some people say that black colored laundry soap also washes clothes better than other laundry soaps, and also lasts more. So to target such Customers, you have to keep the color of your soap black. And a strategy will have to be developed for your competitors. This small business idea of ​​making soap can prove to be a very economical business idea.

24. Vegetable and Fruit shop.

Vegetables and Fruits are needed by every family for their daily life activities. And this need was there before, and will always be there. That’s why necessity is called the mother of discovery. You can make this need of the people the mother of your business. And you can set up your own vegetable selling business on a small scale.

25. Gardening Small Business

Gardening is called Horticulture in Hindi. Gardening is a business that some nature lovers also do as a hobby. Horticulture is done by planting a specific type of plant, fruit plants, flowering plants, vegetable plants. These small business ideas will not only become your source of earning. But it will also give you peace of mind.

And you will also contribute to keeping the environment healthy, due to which your self-consciousness will always be happy. But you do this small business only when you have your own land. Gardening by taking land on rent can be a less profitable business.

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26. Herbal Plant Business Ideas

By Herbal Plant, we mean such plants, which have been used for centuries to cure one or the other disease. That is, such plants, from whose herbs Ayurvedic medicines are made, are called herbal plants. By the way, it is mandatory for you to have a place to set up a herbal plant. Where you can grow these plants. You also need very little investment to do this business.

27. Yoga Center:

Yoga centers can be opened anywhere. But if this yoga is opened in a hill station where the air is slightly less polluted. So people may come for a few days to reduce stress, but they will definitely come. That’s why this small business is such a business, which has both social service and its own earnings.

28. Accounting Bookkeeping at home:

If you have done CA, or are working as an accountant in any company. Or Accountancy has been done. Then this Small Business Ideas is for you. Because there are many such small firms. Which full-time accountant is not able to afford. You can easily get home-based work from such a small firm. And this work can become a part of your business.

29. Project Formulation/Business Plan for bank loan etc.

To encourage new businessmen/women and new business ideas, the government has started many schemes like Prime Minister Employment Generation Program, Start-Up India, Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana, etc. And under all these schemes, bank loans have also been arranged for business. But banks ask for a business plan before giving a loan for business.
So if you have any experience in making a business plan. So you can work for those people who want to do business through Bank Loan. And you can make these Small Business Ideas your Ghar Baithe Business.

30. Graphic Designs

By Graphic Design, we mean communication, in which you want to explain your point to the people through any image, form, poster, cartoon, chart, etc. This method of communication is very prevalent in the Internet age. That’s why every business needs a graphic designer. If you have this skill, then you can implement these small business ideas from your home.

31. Resume writing

There is a saying that what the needs do not make a man. That’s why today’s educated youth is needed, a good resume means that the resume should not be industry-oriented, at least it should be market-oriented. Only then the employer will consider your resume. Now if you have the skill of resume writing, then this small business idea is for you.

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32. Social Media Expert

If you have a good fan base on social media. Well I mean the number of followers. And more people like, share, and comment on the post you write. So it means that the skill of a Social Media Expert is hidden inside you. Try to refine it a little more.

Because big companies try their best to reach their product to people through social media. And she asks such people to write posts about their product or service. Those who have a good hold on social media, and in return you get your Kamai. Therefore, this small business also has more and more possibilities.

33. Computer Repairing Business:

In today’s era of computers, every person whether he lives in rural areas or in urban areas, every person wants to join. And people are also connecting to the computer at a very fast pace. Since a computer is also a tool to make human life easy and simple. Therefore, once the computer is included in their lifestyle, the person wants to use it for life.

Therefore, whenever a person’s computer is damaged, he will not be able to live without getting that computer repaired. And he will automatically walk towards the computer repairing shop. Just this need of that person takes the form of a small business idea for you.

34. Repairing work of electronic equipment :

Perhaps in India, only tribal areas or most backward rural areas will be like this. Those whose homes have not yet reached electricity, nor would they be using any other energy, such as solar energy, etc. Now those people will not have the means of energy, so how will they use energy-based appliances like TV, Fridge, Fan, Cooler, CD Player, etc.

But apart from these, the doors are open for this electronic repair business in other rural areas and urban areas. Apart from this, if you belong to a tribal or most backward rural area, then keep an eye on your area, and as soon as people start using the above-mentioned tools, immediately implement your small business ideas.

35. Photocopying and Book Binding Business

Find an area with an educational institution, a court, a block, a block, a tehsil, etc. If found, then immediately implement our small business ideas and start the work of photocopying and bookbinding.

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36. Car wash service business

From the point of view of cleaning the car, people keep a car cleaner every day. But for car washing, most of them go outside. Because in a car wash home it is impossible to do the level at which the car wash is done by the professional car wash. That’s why every car holder is compelled to get his car washed from outside. Just you can earn by converting this compulsion into your small business.

37. Fish farming business.

Fisheries business contributes 1.07% to the Indian GDP Gross Domestic Product, which is called Domestic Gross Product in Hindi. Whereas all agricultural products contribute 5.15% to the GDP. From this figure, you can assess the possibilities of the fish farming business. You start this business on a small scale. And if the business goes on then you can hoist the flag of your business to foreign countries.

38. Animal Feed Production

You can call Animal Feed animal food in Hindi. Mostly Animal Feed is used by Poultry Farm Owner, Dairy Farm Owner, and Farmers. Where the owners of the poultry farm use this feed for the early development of chickens. The owners and farmers of the same Dairy Farm use animal feed to increase the milking capacity of the animals. So if you belong to any such field. Where Poultry Farm and Dairy Farm are in abundance. So these Small Business Ideas for making animal feed in Hindi is for you.

39. Poultry Farming Business:

Poultry farming business ideas f you can adopt as a small business. Generally, the meaning of poultry farming in Hindi is taken from poultry farming. But under Poultry Farming, you can not only rear chickens but also ducks, etc. And this small business idea can be given the shape of reality by spending two lakh rupees.

As far as the possibilities are concerned in this small business. You can get its idea from the fact that only in Delhi/NCR, about 1 lakh 80 thousand chickens are consumed every day. Therefore, this small business idea can also work to change your life.

40. Insurance Marketing Firm

However, doing this business can cost you up to Rs 10 lakh. And according to the definition of small-scale industry, the business in the service sector is established by spending 10 lakhs or less than 10 lakhs. It comes under the category of very small-scale industry. That’s why we have also included this business in our list of Small Business Idea. Insurance Regulatory Authority of India IRDA is inviting you to start the business of an Insurance Marketing Firm.

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41. Earning by Installing ATM:

Those people have about 100 square feet of land and that land is in a residential or crowded area. So those people have a chance to implement these Rent Business Ideas. Starting it as a Survival Business also gives an opportunity to earn 15 to 40 thousand rupees every month. What you have to do to earn money from this small business is to find out which bank is there in your area, whose ATM is not available in your area.
After that, the bank has to find out about its requirement. You can also do this work online or by going to Direct Bank. Generally, according to the bank area, 15 to 40 thousand rupees are given for setting up an ATM. Once a bank agrees to install an ATM in your vacant shop. So for a certain time, your passive income remains.

42. Common Service Center Business:

Common Service Center can be a great option for small businesses. Because you have to do this work in collaboration with the Government of India. Therefore, it will not take much time for you to do this work.

Through CSC Khulwa, the Government of India wants to make all government services like passport making, Aadhar card making, voter ID card making, electricity bill payment, etc. services available to the public easily and at cheap rates. Apart from this, all types of certificates, applications, and bills related to government, non-government, private sectors can be paid in a CSC. In the coming days, the Government of India has the scheme to provide more than 300 services to the people through a common service center.

43. Jan Aushadhi Center :

Opening a Jan Aushadhi Kendra can also be a very profitable deal for those people. Those who have their own shop of about 130 square feet, and are looking at some of their survival business. Such people can apply to open Jan Aushadhi Kendra under the government scheme. The total cost to open this center can be around 2.5 to 3 lakh rupees. 1.25 Lakh for Furnishing, 1 Lakh Medicines, and other items worth Rs. 50000 like Computer, Internet, Refrigerator, etc.

44. Chalk making business:

Chalk means Khadiya Yes, if you remember school days, then you will definitely remember Chalk too. Chalk is used by Guruji to write on the blackboard or draw a sketch to explain to the children. Since chalk has been a species in use since ancient times. Before being used in educational institutions, it is used for making cave paintings, etc.

Since chalk is mostly made from plaster of paris. And plaster of paris is easily available in the market. Therefore, this small business idea can be very beneficial for the youth living in rural areas. Because the method of making it is also very easy.


To start the business of buying and selling junk, the entrepreneur does not need to spend much investment. At present, more junk is being produced in people’s homes than before, the main reason for this is that along with the rapid change in technology, the lifestyle of man is also changing at a very fast pace. This is the reason that in order to improve his lifestyle, man keeps on upgrading his house and home furnishings.

And after that, the same thing which he was using till today becomes junk for him. Apart from this, electronic equipment gets damaged, and other items available in the house become old or worn out, breakage is bound to happen.
In such a situation, the man likes to give this broken or unused item in the form of junk. The biggest feature of this small business is that junk can be available to the entrepreneur at very cheap prices or sometimes even for free. So first find out the recycling center in your area so that you can sell the scrap you collect there.

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46. ​​Business of Marriage Hall

However, this business idea is only for those who are ready to invest a substantial amount on their business. Even in a small town, if the entrepreneur does not have his own land, then starting a marriage hall business can cost from eighty lakh rupees to one and a half crore rupees. This cost may increase in big and metro cities. But once this type of business is established, the earning opportunities of the entrepreneur increase significantly. Because in marriage, people do not hesitate to spend even outside their status.

47. Soil Testing Lab Business

What are the techniques farmers do not adopt at present to increase their yield? If you live in an area where farmers are in abundance, then this small business is for you. Because you can open a soil testing lab. This is such a business, through which you are helpful in increasing the yield of the farmers. Therefore, somewhere this type of business also gives you self-satisfaction. Because farmers grow food for the whole country, and by checking the soil of their fields, you also give them advice. Due to this, the spark of service to the country and human service erupts from your conscience.

48. Eggs Wholesale Business

Eggs are used to prepare many dishes in homes, hotels, and other places of dining. Even eggs are used by the baking industry. If you are residing in an area where there are more poultry farming units. So it can be easy for you to earn by adopting this small business. You can start an egg wholesale business anywhere in a small or big city. But starting this type of business in a rural area is not advised.

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49. Business of Government Ration Shop

It has often been seen that whatever businesses are under government protection or partnership, they are less risky and safe. Because the public is waiting for their opening. So they get a ready-made customer base. The business of government ration shop is also one of them. If you live in an area where this facility is not yet available, or people have to travel long distances to get food grains. So by adopting this small business idea, you can apply as a ration dealer for that particular area.

Dear readers, if you think that the information you were looking for. You have got the same information in this post. So according to me, you were looking for Small Business Ideas, etc. And it’s not just you who are looking for this information, there are many more.

That’s why we have tried to give more and more ideas for earning here, but if you want more ideas for earning then you are at the right place. Till now we have published not one, but hundreds of business ideas in this portal, so you can also find them using the search box.

FAQ (Question Answer)

1. Q. Which business to do sitting at home?

Ans. In the business of sitting at home, any person can start a business related to only some handicrafts as a cottage industry. But all types of online business can be started easily from home.

2. Q. Which business can be done with less money?

Ans. All the businesses started in the street mohallas can be started with less money. Apart from this, blogging, YouTube channel, freelancing, etc. are such works that can be started without investment or with very little money.

3. Q. What is the best business?

Ans. Whoever has the ability, interest, and ability to do, that business can be good for him. Like if you know video editing and scriptwriting. So making videos, and editing them can be the best business for you.

4. Q. Which business to do in ten thousand rupees?

Ans. There are many such small business ideas, which can be started on a small scale in ten thousand rupees. These include tea stalls, property dealing, tuition business, etc. Here is a list of some businesses that can be started with ten thousand rupees.

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