5 Hot Jobs in Travel and Tourism

Are you someone who likes to travel the country (or the world) and meet new people? Or perhaps you wish you could sight-see for a living. If secretly you wish you could do either one and get paid for it in the process, you’ve come to the right place because there are actually several ways that you can make that wish a reality: it’s by finding a job in the field of travel or tourism.

As a matter of fact, according to several reports, by 2016, travel and tourism positions are going to account for over 15 million jobs just in the United States alone. So whether you have an interest in arts and entertainment, hotels or some other area, we have five positions that you might want to consider looking into (right after you read this article).


Tour and travel guide

A particular job that will definitely keep you on the road is a tour and travel guide position. These are the people who literally show tourists around the city that they live in; however, if you want to visit someplace new yourself, there are actually many companies that look to hire and train people to serve as tour guides. The pay tends to be between $21,000-22,000 annually.


If you would prefer to stay closer to home but you do like meeting new people on a daily basis, perhaps look into becoming a curator for a museum, zoo or art gallery. With this position, you will be responsible for either purchasing or borrowing the items used for particular exhibits; especially ones that will draw a big crowd. This can actually be a pretty lucrative position being that curators tend to make around $50,000 a year.


A part of what makes a hotel stay a pleasant one is a good concierge. That’s because they are the individuals who tend to be at the front desk of a hotel (or sometimes they even have their own office) and provide their guests with all kinds of information such as where to book a reservation at a fine restaurant or spa and where the greatest tourist spots are. Although the salary varies based on the kind of hotel that a concierge works in, on average they make around $18,000 per year (and usually, this is a part-time position).

Cruise ship director

If you love the water and wouldn’t mind spending months at a time abroad a cruise ship, another option is to become a cruise ship director. With this position, you’ll get to go to exotic places and plan the entertainment for those aboard the cruise. Although the pay for this job tends to vary, typically you can make anywhere between $4,500-7,000 each month.


On the other hand, if you would prefer to stay on dry land but you don’t mind driving people around to their preferred destinations, another great job is being a chauffeur for a company such as Premier Limousine. Also, if you don’t want to remain a limo or town car all day, you might want to look for a business that offers sight-seeing tours too. That way, you can drive customers to a particular tourist spot and then you can show them around it. Pay tends to be between $10-12 per hour. But some companies allow tips which makes this a pretty good paying job, also within the travel and tourism category, too.

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