5 of the Most Travel Intensive Jobs

If you’ve always dreamed of traveling, perhaps you should look for a career that allows you to do so on a regular basis. Most of us don’t have the time or the money saved up to satiate our traveling desires, but what if it was part of your job?

Career in Tourism

There are a number of positions where traveling is actually a part of the job description. What can be better than traveling the globe and getting paid for it? And if you want to travel without getting a job, you can book your tickets using . Best of all, some of these dream jobs are not that competitive, and thus not that hard to acquire. Here are 5 of the most travel intensive jobs.

Jobs Where You Can Travel

  1. Professional interpreter. If you are multilingual and you love to travel, becoming an interpreter could take you all around the globe working with individuals and businesses to translate during business meetings, seminars and more. You could be a translator and assist in international police investigations or you can be the middleman between two foreign businesses that are looking to merge. You might also be tasked to translate important and private written documents. All in all, translators are in high demand and are being flown all around the globe for their services, so now might be a good time to learn a new language.
  2. Travel photographers. Travel photographers will usually work for a magazine, newspaper, or their own blog, and go on assignment all over the world photographing exotic and distant locales. As a travel photographer you could be on assignment multiple times a year. Not only will you get to travel, but also you will get to live your artistic dream and share your images with the millions of people reading the magazines or newspapers you work for.
  3. Army. Whether you become a Navy SEAL or Special OPS, you could be traveling the globe for years on a number of different missions. Whether in wartime or peacetime, these missions will never be short of adventure, excitement and a little bit of danger too. Best of all, you will get to visit locations that that most people only dream of visiting in their lifetime.
  4. Importer or exporter. Whether you are selling electronics or clothing, becoming an importer or exporter can be a great position for someone that both likes to travel and has a knack for business. You might be working with other businesses to source products or you will be working with manufacturers to source parts and equipment. No matter what, though, you will be traveling all over the world, multiple times a year for business.
  5. Lastly, one of the most interesting jobs that allows you to travel the globe on a regular basis, is that of an ethnomusicologist. An ethnomusicologist’s job is to study world music, trace the roots of musical genres, and even searches for new music. For instance, an ethnomusicologist might travel to the Ukraine to study traditional music and how it relates to current musical trends. If you are staying in the capital, Kiev accommodations are usually taken care of if you have a grant and you get to meet a colorful cast of characters. This is a dream job for both music and travel lovers. If you want to travel to places by yourself, make sure to get some coupons to save money.

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